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Nike Shox Norge | Nike Shox Billig | Nike Shox Norge Nettbutikk Salg


Nike Shox Norge

Nike shox can be said has been highly controversial series, shox series have burgeoned since Jimmy Carter, but with increasing age Carter has been the play of transformation, shox series of basketball shoes almost fade from view, shoes also reduced by the introduction of several previous season to now almost exclusively a season, and now people can remember the basketball shoes shox vc series seems to be only a ...

This is shox shox gamer though sales decline when launched, but Carter was still there with color logo launch, and this season, a pair of shoes because the air lore Carter buckle up and makes some impression.

Nike Shox Billig

Shoe shape is good, although not much, but the highlight is quite satisfactory, upper material synthetic leather, patent leather suede material that is three, wide lace bails and bars extending to the side of the shoe cinches a great extent while increasing package.

Nike Shox Norge Nettbutikk

The shoe uppers is very high, and high heel scary, resulting flexibility is not very high, really only suitable for front pair of basketball shoes. While flexibility is not high, but the protection is very good, the ankle cinches space has been very small, as to what is behind shox love always said Wei foot say ....

Nike Shox Dame

also worth saying that a high foot arch shox gamer inside of me through all the shoes is the highest, enough for normal people who can say that the support of good for people who flatfoot estimates should painful, look at the height of the insole can be seen. After the palm shox say something to focus on, and someone always says shox love Wei feet, or stepped shox light weight does not move, I think it is simply not true. Let me talk shox hard, I weigh 75kg first pair of shoes when stepped on trod on shox feeling, and I personally think that even softer than shox max air, and better flexibility.

Nike Shox Salg

As Wei feet, I think playing in the majority of cases because of ankle foot stepped on someone's foot will Wei bar, no need to put the blame on a shoe, it was considered shox love Wei feet of the biggest reasons is that the card features the back, the tree attracts the wind , from a visual point of view there is a high altitude shox, the sole of a high center of gravity will be highly unstable, so some people will love Wei felt shox shoes than, in fact, is simply not the case, for that shox gamer this shoes, the heel does not seem low, but in fact you wear is not completely followed the four seven-step column, but is surrounded by four column, can be trapped in said heel in column 4, so the actual height is not high, but the height of these shoes is even lower than the actual wear heel forefoot, you will obviously feel the high forefoot, the heel is low.

Nike Shox Salg Norway

The wear is mainly forefoot zoom air cushion position, is also worth mentioning that the forefoot zoom air cushion is too elastic and too high, the position of the feet and the soles of the feet much higher than the toes, so causing ago palm palm feeling low after the high, although flexibility when playing very good, but the biggest problem is playing foot over time will become very sour, including pressure the road also. shox flexibility is really unmatched zoom or air, wear it really makes me jump higher illusion that there is a strong visual impact column, in fact, still very much hope nike shox series can continue to do so ...


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